coloniaLab is an experimental workshop for the collaborative electronic edition of manuscript and rare print texts related to early Latin America. We seek to examine theoretical and practical questions related to the digital transmission of colonial–era texts, and in the process, produce high–quality versions of rare or previously inaccessible writings.

coloniaLab also explores strategies for preparing new generations of scholars who can engage creatively with the complex textual history of the region. To this end, we involve students in hands–on digital research within the context of in–class projects, paid/unpaid internships, and directed independent studies.

Going forward, coloniaLab aims to evolve into a platform for the peer–review, publication and curation of digital editions related to the colonial period.

Led by Dr. Clayton McCarl, coloniaLab is an affiliated project of the Digital Humanities Institute at the University of North Florida, and the Alliance for Digital Research on Early Latin America (ADRELA).