Using Google Backup and Sync

In many cases, Dr. McCarl will share working files with collaborators by sharing a Google Drive folder. Generally, that folder will contain an XML file, and possibly document images. In order for us to most easily edit that file in oXygen, and for us to both always have access to the most current version of the file, Dr. McCarl’s recommendation is to do the following:

  • Download and install Google Backup and Sync on your machine. If you’re on a Mac, you should to this from the App Store. If you’re on a PC, you can download the program directly from Google’s website.
  • Once installed, Google Drive will appear as one of the locations on the left-hand side of the Finder (on Mac) or File Explorer (on Windows).
  • Go to Google Drive on the web, look under “Shared with me,” control-click on the folder that Dr. McCarl shared with you, and choose “Add to My Drive.”
  • That folder should now appear under Google Drive in the Finder/File Explorer.
  • You can now open that copy of the file, which is located on your hard drive, from within oXygen (File > Open). Save your changes to the file to that same location. If you want to make backups of the file with different names, do so by placing the backups in that same Google Drive folder, with the filename stated as “YYYYMMDD backup of…” (where YYYYMMDD is the date of the backup). Always do your editing itself in the original file that Dr. McCarl shared with you.
  • The folder will automatically sync to Google Drive on the web, and Dr. McCarl will be able to access the most current version of your file. Conversely, if he makes changes to help you solve a problem, those will be synced to your local copy of the file.