Kathlina Brady

In the fall of 2017, Kathlina Brady (Political Science/Spanish, 2018) assisted in the transcription and encoding of the Compendio histórico (1799). She earned academic credit through an internship course supervised by Dr. Clayton McCarl, and this experience also fulfilled her capstone requirement for the UNF Hicks Honors College. That same semester, Kathlina also participated in an experiment in semantic markup in the course SPW3130 Spanish American Literature to Modernismo. Kathlina presented on her work with coloniaLab at the inaugural Digital Projects Showcase, hosted by the Digital Humanities Initiative (now Institute) in November 2016; the second annual Digital Projects Showcase, in November 2017; HASTAC 2017, at the University of Central Florida, in November 2017; and the UNF International Studies/Digital Humanities Symposium in March 2018. In the fall of 2019, Kathlina returned to the project as a volunteer, and presented with coloniaLab at the fourth annual Digital Projects Showcase in November 2019 and the UNF International Research Symposium in December 2019.