Compendio histórico (1799)

With this project, we are preparing the first full edition of the “Compendio histórico de las navegaciones,” a manuscript completed in 1799 that gathers information related to Spanish missions sent from New Spain to present–day British Columbia.

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The following students have contributed to the transcription and encoding of the Compendio histórico:

Cameron Adelsperger, Spanish/English (2017), now student in Master of Arts in Spanish program at University of Central Florida

Kathlina Brady, Political Science/Spanish (2018)

Buddy Delegal, International Studies/Spanish (2015), now student in Master of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics program at University of Florida

Kalthoum Elfasi, Spanish (2015), subsequently Master of Arts in Latin American Studies at University of Florida (2018)

Nicole Rolland, Spanish (2017)

Krysten Ross, Criminal Justice (2017)

Adam Striebel, Criminal Justice (2018)

The following students participated in an experiment in semantic markup in the fall of 2017 that was related to our work on the Compendio histórico:

Kathlina Brady, Political Science/Spanish (2018)

Alexandra Cintrón, Accounting/Spanish (2019)

Sarah Lynch, International Studies/Spanish (2018)

Nicole Mills, Criminal Justice/Spanish (2018)