Dr. Clayton McCarl and Dr. Constanza López were awarded UNF Transformational Learning Opportunity funding in 2019 ($18,000) and 2020 ($20,000) to support the travel costs of the summer study abroad program they lead in Colombia, during which students collaborate in the construction of the Antioquia Negra Digital Archive, as part of one of the two courses associated with the program.

Student collaborators Emilia Thom and Amarilys Sánchez received funding ($1,686 each) through the UNF Student Affairs International Learning Scholarship and the UNF Office of Undergraduate Research in Spring 2020 to support their participation in a presentation on the Antioquia Negra Digital Archive at the XXXVIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association in Guadalajara, Mexico, June 13–16, 2020.

In 2015, Dr. Clayton McCarl was awarded a Faculty Fellowship ($4,000, plus one course release) from the UNF College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council in support of “Editing the Compendio histórico (1799): Towards a Model for Student Collaboration in the Creation of Digital Editions.”