Antioquia Negra Digital Archive (16th–18th Centuries)

This project presents diplomatic transcriptions and partially modernized reading versions of colonial–era and nineteenth–century documents related to Africans and those of African descent in the Colombian department of Antioquia. These materials are housed within the Archivo Histórico de Antioquia (Medellín) and the Archivo Histórico Bernardo Martínez Villa (Santa Fe de Antioquia).

Led Dr. Clayton McCarl, this project involves undergraduate students from the University of North Florida (UNF) as primary collaborators. The project began in 2019 as part of a summer-session faculty-led study abroad experience in Colombia codirected by Dr. McCarl and Dr. Constanza López Baquero.

Draft Introduction

Our draft introduction explains our overall editorial criteria and provides other information about the Antioquia Negra Digital Archive.

Edited Documents

Archivo General de Antioquia. Signatura B72_700-1740, “Criminal contra María esclava del capitán Antonio de Muriel por sospecha de maleficio que se presumía había hecho al referido su amo”, Sopetrán, 1713.

Draft introduction to B72_700-1740

Draft text of B72_700-1740 as it stood at the end of our Summer 2019 course

Draft text of B72_700-1740 (current version)

Contributors: The following students worked on B72_700-1740 in Summer 2019: Sofía Calvaruso (French Studies/Spanish), Gabriella Domínguez-Ramos (International Studies/Spanish), Angelic Fleites (International Studies/Spanish), Delicia Foster (Biomedical Sciences), Nathalie López (International Studies), Mariana Mendieta (International Studies/Spanish), José Nava (Political Science/Spanish), Amanda Pazos (Business Management), Graham Pittenger (International Studies), Stephanie Rosas (Public Health), Amarilys Sánchez (English/History), and Emilia Thom (Exercise Science/Spanish)

In the Fall of 2019, Mariana Mendieta (International Studies/Spanish) is continuing work on the text through a digital humanities internship course.

Archivo Histórico Bernardo Martínez Villa. Listas de esclavos preparadas en los años 1845 a 1849, por un decreto ejecutivo del 21 de junio de 1842.

Draft text of initial folios